Voice Talent Narrators Wanted

SAMPLE READING                                                                                Please submit this reading to us in .MP3 Format


Di's Creative Edge is looking for professional voice talent who are dependable and

have their own professional recording environment. 


Candidates should be able to read on demand and read scripts with clear proper voice inflection.


Candidates should be available on-call to have a quick turn-around for client's scripts and voice-overs.


We look forward to adding you to our cast of talent here at Di's Creative Edge.

Our goal is to help our clients find the right elements to make their projects

professional quality masterpieces.



Submit your sample now via email


Submit your sample via our file submission page


PLEASE NOTE: When submitting files, please send us a file with your fees and any other pertinent info we should know.  We keep this info on file.

Voice Talent Narrators Wanted




If you are interested in possibly becoming an on-call voice actor please send us a sample of your work in .MP3 format by doing the reading to the left and submitting it to us.


We look forward to possibly pairing you with our next project.